Being in business should give you more life and help you fulfil your dreams and goals, but it rarely delivers, especially in these challenging times we’re living in.

As business coaches we passionately believe that every individual and business should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Imagine being inspired, encouraged, motivated and challenged to achieve this.

How we help people like you…

Business coaching will result in you creating the life that you really want. Our business growth strategies are proven and evidenced-based. Tim Coleman, your local Business Growth Specialist in the Rotherham area, has a vision to support and nurture a community of business owners to create commercial, profitable enterprises that can work without them and to grow and facilitate economic transformation of the area.

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What Will Business Coaching Do For You?

Growth Help grow your business!
Giving you the support, proven systems and confidence to take your business to new heights
Sales Help with sales!
Stop leaving money on the table, start getting the most out of every opportunity
Team Help develop your team!
Build a high performing team that grows your business so you don’t have to
Marketing Help with marketing!
Create consistent lead flow to give you predictable results
Time Help you get more time away!
Build a profitable business that works and grows without you
Profits Help increase profits!
Choose from over 400+ strategies to dramatically improve your profits

 Five reasons why I am not your coach

What I have to say next may sound a little strange if you’re reading this and looking to engage with me as your coach to help you thrive in your business. The stark reality is that I may never become your coach and there are five key reasons why.

This journey is not for everyone, and that’s ok.

Whether or not you believe I’m the right coach for you, I’d very much welcome the chance to connect with you and welcome you into our community of passionate business owners.

Find out the 5 reasons

How we help people like you…

Our success comes from your success. Perhaps that’s why, in a recent, independent client survey, 96% of our clients said they would recommend our coaching. We passionately believe that every individual and business should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Imagine being inspired, encouraged, motivated and challenged to achieve this. That’s what coaching is all about…

We have solutions to suit you and your business: assessments, training workshops, Business Coaching and Executive Coaching programmes.

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Business Unlimited

A new podcast series, ‘Business Unlimited’ is presented by Tim Coleman, Business Growth Specialist at ActionCOACH Rotherham. Featuring conversations with business owners and directors from across South Yorkshire, the podcast aims to lift the lid on the secrets for success that makes a business unlimited in its potential.

From RAF to Retail: Unraveling the Entrepreneurial Journey of Gary Ford at Tiger Hobbies

Just released a brand new episode of #BusinessUnlimited! In this episode, I had the privilege of chatting with Gary Ford, the Founder and MD of Tiger Hobbies—an importer and distributor of military models.
Join us as we explore Gary’s fascinating journey, from his time in the RAF (Royal Air Force) to building Tiger Hobbies from the ground up. Discover the challenges he faced, the lessons he learned, and the moments of triumph along the way. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, freelancer, or simply curious about the world of business, this episode offers insights and inspiration you won’t want to miss! 🎧✨ Ready to dive in?




A Structured Path to Business Growth | enzygo (A Testimonial)

Embark on a fascinating journey with Matt Travis, Managing Director at Enzygo, as he unveils the transformative power of finding focus and seeking guidance from a trusted business coach. In this insightful discussion, delve into how Matt’s strategic collaboration with a business coach has propelled him towards achieving his goals. Explore first hand how harnessing focus, coupled with expert guidance, has empowered Matt to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, driving enzygo’s success to new heights.

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Ask us how you can accelerate your business success?

Everyone considers the cost of a book, a course or coach.

But no-one considers the cost of being no further forward in a years' time!

Build a step-by-step, bespoke action plan for the next 90 day 

Craft tactical 90-day plans in engaging half-day sessions. Learn essential strategies to optimise time management, clarify priorities, and empower your team for goal achievement.

By the end of your first GrowthCLUB, you will:

  • Learn actionable strategies to boost sales and profits.
  • Set clear business goals and targets for the next 90 days.
  • Cultivate vision, focus, and enthusiasm for the next 90 days.
  • Master systems to accomplish more in less time.


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