Being in business should give you more life…but it rarely delivers, especially in these challenging times we’re living in.

We passionately believe that every individual and business should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Imagine being inspired, encouraged, motivated and challenged to achieve this.

That’s what coaching is all about…

We have solutions to suit you and your business: Assessments, training workshops, Business Coaching and Executive Coaching programs.

  • Do you want to grow your profits?

  • Do you want to get better results from the time you spend on your business?

  • Or maybe you want to spend less time in the business itself?

  • Do you want a higher performing team?

How we help people like you…

Our business growth strategies are proven and evidenced-based. In fact, we are so confident in their effectiveness that we offer a guarantee that your profits will more than pay for our service.Tim Coleman, your local Business Growth Specialist in the Rotherham area, has a vision to support and nurture a community of business owners to thrive, grow and facilitate economic transformation of the area.

Executive Coaching

A transparent process that guarantees measurable success, our Executive Coaching Programs are designed for executives seeking to improve performance, change behaviours and develop leadership skills.

Services include
• 1-2-1 Executive Coaching
• Bespoke training workshops
• Support with board-level meetings



Medium and Large Business

Measurable, results-based coaching for business owners with teams of 5-250 seeking to improve leadership,  management and profits, build highly engaged teams, scale up or change direction.

Services include
• 1-2-1 coaching
• Team training workshops
• Strategy & planning facilitation

Small and Micro Business

Are you a solopreneur, a small business (team of  less than 5) or a start up? Using proven strategies we will support you in your journey to grow your business through growing your capability.

Services include
• Webinars and seminars
• Interactive workshops
• Group coaching programs


Ask us how you can accelerate your business success?

Everyone considers the cost of a book, a course or coach.

But no-one considers the cost of being no further forward in a years' time!

What could coaching do for you? 

“ActionCOACH has helped me reignite the passion I have for my bussiness” Tom David – Owner Terrace Threads. Check out the ActionCOACH Youtube channel for more fantastic testimonials.

GrowthCLUB is a workshop that makes creating strategic plans for your business both educational and fun.

Build a step-by-step, bespoke action plan for the next 90 day 

GrowthCLUB is a 90-day business planning workshop that will help you create a framework and  guidance for your success. We will inspire and assist you to build a step-by-step practical and relevant action plan for your business. This 90-day growth strategy, is aimed at driving more profits into your business. This is the first step to working ON your Business and not IN it!

By the end of your first GrowthCLUB, you will:

  • Learn proven action strategies to increase your sales and profits
  • Take control and have clear business goals and targets for the next 90 days
  • Have a detailed action plan of how to achieve your goals
  • Build vision, focus and enthusiasm for the next 90 days
  • Form contacts with a group of like-minded business owners
  • Learn SYSTEMS to achieve more in less time

Our Guarantee

At ActionCOACH, we believe a ‘real business’ is a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without you, the owner! So you can live your life on your own terms. We see the majority of business owners burning themselves out by working IN the business instead of ON the business. There is clearly no overnight success formula here but our experience proves when a business owner partners with our system and team, their sustained efforts in the right direction produce massive results for real businesses and real people… in fact, we’re the only business growth company we know who will guarantee our clients a 6 month Return On Investment – feel free to ask us about T&Cs.

You will walk away with…
  • A functional, action-driven business plan
  • Top tips for stretching your marketing budget
  • The tool for attracting and developing the best people for your team
  • Strategies to grow your customer base
  • The secrets to managing cash flow
  • The opportunity to network
  • Ideas to accommodate to changing environments
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