GrowthCLUB is a workshop that makes creating strategic plans for your business both educational and fun.

Build a step-by-step, bespoke action plan for the next 90 day 

GrowthCLUB is a 90-day business planning workshop that will help you create a framework and  guidance for your success. We will inspire and assist you to build a step-by-step practical and relevant action plan for your business. This 90-day growth strategy, is aimed at driving more profits into your business. This is the first step to working ON your Business and not IN it!


By the end of your first GrowthCLUB, you will:

  • Learn proven action strategies to increase your sales and profits
  • Take control and have clear business goals and targets for the next 90 days
  • Have a detailed action plan of how to achieve your goals
  • Build vision, focus and enthusiasm for the next 90 days
  • Form contacts with a group of like-minded business owners
  • Learn SYSTEMS to achieve more in less time

Who should attend?

GrowthCLUB is designed for business owners and senior managers, though anyone is welcome. Many business owners choose to bring one or two of their senior team. It often helps to bring along more than one person from a company, as it can make it easier to create plans on the day, and to hit the ground running back at the office when it comes to implementing the plans.

Is this just for big businesses?

GrowthCLUB is for any size of business, whether you’re the business owner with no employees, or part of a large organisation with a large team –all sizes of business attend GrowthCLUB due to its universal benefits for business owners of all types. This variety in business size also makes it more interesting, as it is great for extending your range of business contacts and allowing attendees to find commonality and connections.

For existing clients of ActionCOACH Rotherham, the workshop is included in your coaching package. For all others attending, the cost is £ 295 + VAT. However, we’re willing to provide others with a free place if they bring along a guest who’s a business owner.

Who runs the event?

GrowthCLUB is an ActionCOACH event, run by certified Business Coach Tim Coleman and support staff.


Friday 14th June

9:30 am - 1:00 pm

from £295+VAT

Rotherham College, Town Centre Campus, Eastwood Ln, Rotherham S65 1EG